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Missing Whitney Heichel's Body Found; Jonathan Holt Arrest

Missing Whitney Heichel's Body Found; Jonathan Holt Arrest
Whitney Heichel
Searchers found the body of a young Oregon woman who vanished this week on her way to work and a neighbor has been arrested, Gresham police said late Friday night.

The body of Whitney Heichel, 21, was found on Larch Mountain, a remote, forested area east of Gresham, Police Chief Craig Junginger told a news conference.

After collecting DNA and fingerprints and conducting three interviews over three days, police arrested Jonathan Holt, 24, of Gresham, for investigation of aggravated murder, the chief said.

Holt lived in the same apartment complex as Heichel and her husband.

The Starbucks barista reportedly left her apartment for work at about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday on a drive that typically takes less than five minutes.

Her husband, Clint, called police roughly three hours later. He told investigators he tried to reach Whitney multiple times after her boss alerted him that she never arrived for her 7 a.m. shift.

Police said Heichel's ATM card was used at a nearby Troutdale gas station at 9:14 a.m. Tuesday. Two hours later, her sport utility vehicle was found in a Wal-Mart parking lot with the passenger side window smashed.

A child later found her cell phone in a field that lies between the gas station and the Wal-Mart, giving investigators another venue to search.

Police have been searching Larch Mountain since Wednesday, believing that Heichel's SUV was driven there.

Detectives interviewed Holt on Wednesday and Thursday before arresting him during a Friday night interview, the chief said.

There were "many inconsistencies" in Holt's interviews, Junginger said.

Additional crime lab evidence received Friday morning tied him to Heichel's vehicle, the chief added.

It was not immediately known if Holt was represented by a lawyer.

Jim Vaughn, a family spokesman, addressed the Friday night news conference, thanking police for their commitment in the case.

"Really, words can't begin to express the sadness that our families are experiencing tonight," Vaughn said.

"Whitney was a very loving person," he added. "She was warm, she was kind, she was everything you would want in a friend, relative, spiritual fellow worshipper."

He asked for privacy for the family, saying "our loss and heartache is too much to bear right now."

Police took no questions.

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  1. What a lovely fresh, clean, girl next door look this beautiful young lady had. Condolences to her family, and friends.especially her husband. I know he's going to miss her terribly.

  2. With the loss of Whitney, the world is crying. It is a very sad thing when an innocent person is taken from this world. Please, everybody, live your life with Whitney in mind. Be nicer to those around you; smile more; take time for the small things. I believe that when we lose someone great, it's up to all of us to continue living their life by spreading the love and happiness that they would have done otherwise.

  3. The cellphone was probably thrown out of the car window. This is littering and littering is against the law. I hope they find the person who did the littering and prosecute him or her to the fullest extent of the law. I am sick and tired of all the litter along our roads and in our fields. I hope it was not Whitney who threw the cellphone out the car window because she looks like a very nice person and I would hate to think that she was guilty of littering. If they find out that Whitney was the person who did the littering they will not be able to prosecute her because she is now dead. Why would Whitney throw her own cellphone out the window? This just does not make sense to me. Littering is against the law.

  4. There should be Only One sentance for Murder and that is Death, but because this country is being run by Bleeding hearts that have the Mistaken Idea that everyone can be changed that will never happen.

  5. That is so true, but then again...people who are defending themselves sometimes get put away for murder...so where is the line drawn. I am with you though on a case like this, he should be swiftly dealt with!


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