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The Dennis Rader - BTK Serial killer Confessions

The Dennis Rader - BTK Serial killer Confessions

After pleading guilty to ten murders on June 27, 2005, Wichita serial killer Dennis Rader gave a chilling account of his murders in court. Appearing unmoved by the cruelty of the acts he was describing, Rader systematically described how he killed the entire Otero family and six women. He described how he followed his victims — he called them ‘projects’ — around town before finally going in for the kill. About the murder of Shirley Vian, Rader says, “I told Mrs. – Miss Vian that I had a problem with sexual fantasies, that I was going to tie her up, and that – and I might have to tie the kids up…I proceeded to tie the kids up, and they started crying and got real upset. So I said oh, this is not gonna work, so we moved ‘em to the bathroom. She helped me…then I proceeded to tie her up. She got sick, threw up. Got her a glass of water, comforted her a little bit, and then went ahead and tied her up and then put [a bag] over her head and strangled her.” Videos and a full transcript of the confession can be seen below.

BTK Confession, Part 1 - the Otero Family Murders

BTK Confession Part 2 - Kathryn Bright

BTK Confession Part 3 Shirley Vian

BTK Confession Part 4 - Nancy Fox

BTK Confession Part 5 - Marine Hedge, Vicki Wegerle

BTK Confession Part 6 - Dolores Davis

BTK Confessions

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  1. The rapid access that we now have to courtroom information is fascinating. The impact of the media on a serial killer case is one of the major concepts addressed in The Satin Strangler Blogs.

  2. I wonder why there is so much attention paid to killers like this one and the Satin Strangler.

  3. Looks like a cold-hearted psychopath.

    I would like to show you the most dreadful crime ever in Spain, which happened back in 1992 and still is unsolved just because the official story of it seems to be mostly fake.

    That's it:



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