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Single Mom Killed, Police Find “Dream List” in Her Pocket

A heartbreaking tragedy struck New York City on Christmas day. Brooklyn resident Donna Fountain, 38, was killed in a hit and run incident. Fountain was a single mom who had big dreams for her future. She was killed on her way to work–just two and a half blocks from the small apartment she shared with her 8-year-old son, Elijah. Jezebel reported that Elijah was at home with a sitter, anxiously awaiting his mother’s arrival so that he could open his Christmas presents.

When police found Fountain, she had a folded up piece of paper in her pocket titled, “My Dreams,” that listed five things she desired for herself and the greater community. Before you read the following, you may want to have some tissues handy.

-Work on my dream job.
-Buy a house by 45.
-Start housing for gay and lesbian teens.
-Marry the woman of my dreams.
-Make sure Elijah graduates from college!

It was reported that Fountain carried these dreams in her pocket at all times. It should be noted that her dreams were not entirely self-serving. While most people’s dreams are motivated by material wealth, Fountain desired to help her community by starting a house for gay and lesbian teens.

Fountain’s close friend, Dena Baveghems, explained the special bond that she had with her son:

“She gave everything she had to her son and worked so hard for him,” Baveghems said. “She was all about making her dreams come true. Nothing could have stopped her except this. … I don’t know how he’ll go on without his mom. They were incredibly close. She’s all he knows. … I’m devastated for him. To lose the person who took care of him on Christmas is the worst thing I can imagine.”

It is likely that many people reading this have pent up hostility for some of their family members. This story is a serious reminder that tragedy can strike at any time. Tell your family and friends that you love them this holiday season! Most of all, support the dreams of your loved ones and never stop chasing your own.
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