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Broken Heart Leads to Knife Fight in the Haight

We all know that broken hearts will make people do crazy things -- sometimes crazy enough to make it on the local police blotter.

For example, police recently had to break up a knife fight in the Lower Haight after a woman and her two brawling men crossed paths. According to San Francisco police, the woman and her live-in boyfriend had recently broken up -- and let's just say there were definitely some hard feelings.

Those feelings got even harder when the ex showed up at their old apartment on Oak Street with a friend to move his stuff out, and found her with her new boyfriend.

The woman's new man had already gotten a restraining order against the ex -- and so the bickering began. As the two were arguing, the new boyfriend pulled out a knife, which never leads to a healthy resolution. The ex-boyfriend's buddy wasn't going to let his friend down, and responded by pulling out his own knife.

Unfortunately, police could not confirm whose knife was bigger -- important details in a love war.

The two men got into a knife fight, which resulted in just a small cut to the nose. And of course, that pain is nothing compared to a broken heart.

As Police Captain Denis O'Leary so eloquently stated: "Isn't love a splendid thing to behold?"
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