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Police videos show Chiefs' Jovan Belcher hours before his death

Police videos show Chiefs' Jovan Belcher hours before his death
Kansas City police released videos Friday evening documenting the final hours of Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher's life.

Footage taken from a camera mounted on the dashboard of a police cruiser shows three officers speaking with Belcher after they responded to a 911 call of a suspicious person sleeping in a black Bentley outside an apartment building on East Armour Boulevard at 3:05 a.m. CT on Dec. 1, less than five hours before he would fatally shoot his girlfriend and then himself.

Belcher cooperated with officers and told them he was heading inside to see a woman who lived in an apartment on the corner of East Armour and Holmes St. When officers determined Belcher would not be driving, he was allowed to go inside.

Belcher was not arrested nor cited, though a police spokesman told USA TODAY Sports earlier this week that officers determined Belcher had been drinking.

"You know you've got a lot riding on this," an officer told Belcher. "You know you've got a lot to lose."

Belcher thanked the officers and said, "I really appreciate it," before he went inside the building.

Police say Belcher killed his longtime girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, later that morning after an argument in their home, and then committed suicide in the parking lot of the Chiefs practice facility just after 8 a.m.

The dashboard video adds to the timeline of Belcher's final hours, in which he was out partying in the Power and Light District with a woman who was not Perkins.

Police did not name that woman, though the New York Post identified her as Brittni Glass. She is not visible on the video.

While approaching Belcher's car — the Bentley's taillights seem to be on in the video — officers first shined their flashlights inside the windows and eventually knocked on the driver's side window to awaken Belcher, whom police earlier this week said had been sleeping.

On the audio from the police cruiser, officers are heard asking Belcher where he was headed. Belcher's response is inaudible, but the officer confirmed with Belcher that he would not be driving.

"You just need to go upstairs, dude," one officer said. "We're trying to cut you a break here."

Belcher, wearing jeans, a gray shirt, a black jacket and white shoes, got out of the car and spoke to officers for several minutes. Several times he is heard mentioning that he was not driving his car when police found him.

Police also released the dashboard video and dispatch audio from officers responding to Arrowhead Stadium after receiving a call that a man was in the parking lot with a gun. Before officers even arrived, they had confirmation that the shooter at Crysler Avenue was Belcher.

"Who is Belcher? I don't know him. Is he white, black?" an officer is heard saying as a cruiser approached the stadium.

An officer sped through the parking lot around the stadium before stopping outside the Chiefs practice facility. After parking, the officer ordered other police vehicles to silence their sirens as the officer approached the parking lot on foot. The officer said he had a visual of Belcher and others who were negotiating with him outside of one of the building's entrances.

A dispatcher said Belcher was outside of the player's entrance.

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  1. If they had given him a DUI cause you can get one If your keys r even in your car then he wouldn't have killed her probably he would have been in jail for a few hours coming off whatever he was on.

  2. If he had been drinking and in a car why didnt they give him a dui like they do low income people in that exact situation who cant fight back. In stead they are concerned about his future? How well did that work out. Im not saying they should of gave him a dui but that is what usually happens. Im just tired of the duel system of justice applied by the police and more so by the courts.

  3. suicide is a permanet solution to a temporary problem, sad.


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