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Essential Home Security: A Layman's Guide

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Did you know that almost a third of all illegal entries in the United States are unforced? Is your home secure from those who would take advantage of even a momentary lapse in your personal diligence?

'Essential Home Security' is an illustrated, layman's guide to identify and correct the most common home security issues in single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments - the issues regularly exploited by criminals.

The book includes an Essential Home Security Checklist designed to quickly point out oft-overlooked, home security weaknesses in a typical residence. The book describes how most security measures carry benefits, a cost, and drawbacks -- and how these three factors must be evaluated in creating a package of security measures that fit your specific needs and financial situation.

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As the title suggests, 'Essential Home Security' is not a technical manual for security professionals, nor is it a guide to high-end home security solutions. The book is intended for those who have home security concerns and seek a single, concise reference on primary, reasonably-easy-to-execute items that help deter illegal home entry. Whether you're a handyman, or helpless with a toolbox, 'Essential Home Security' is a guide that steps beyond a simple nuts-and-bolts, hardware-based approach.

'Essential Home Security' offers behavioral tips, and offers check-off lists such as "how to be a savvy alarm system shopper," and "key factors to consider before implementing or purchasing home security surveillance equipment," and much more. Security basics, door security, window security, garage security, security light planning, home safes, locks, sheds and exterior property, alarms, simple safe rooms, and many more topics are covered. Technical jargon and theory are avoided unless essential to correctly implementing specific, home security measures. The book focuses on efficient and affordable physical and behavioral steps to reduce the chances of an illegal entry into your home or apartment.

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